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Constitutional Provisions Safeguarding Water | Editorial

Dr. Kuljit Singh in Global Journal of Socio-Legal Studies | Education of Life & Science
Abstract: Water is the most significant element in the biospherebecause on one hand it is vital for the survival of all forms of life and onthe other hand it helps in the movement, circulation and cycling of nutrientsin the biosphere.[1]97 per cent of the earth’s water is found in the ocean and since ocean water issalty, it is not really available to the plants and animals living on land andthus lacks the ability to use salt water. 2 per cent of total supply of wateris frozen as glacial ice in places like Antarctica and Greenland. This is freshwater, but cannot be used. 1 per cent of earth’s water is found on land aseither ground water or surface water. Truth of the matter is that humans haveaccess to only half per cent of all of the earth’s water, a very distressingfigure, but enough to remind people that water is a limited resource. Healthand environment are becoming a serious concern as they affect each other andthe total process of socio-economic development.[2] [1]               J. J. R. Upadhyaya, EnvironmentalLaw, Central Law Agency, Allahabad, 2005, p.78 [2]               R.K.Bakshi, Environmental Challenges Planning and Development, Cyber TechPublications, New Delhi, 2008, p.19.

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