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Environment Pollution Awareness Among Bar Members: a Case Study of Jalandhar Bar | Editorial

Sukhwant Singh Dr. Harmit Singh Sandhu in Global Journal of Socio-Legal Studies | Education of Life & Science
Abstract: Withoutnatural environment the creation and survival of life is impossible. Man in hisquest for enriching his material wealth has transcended on path of exploitingthe natural resources without taking into consideration the inevitableconsequences relating to the life of the human species on earth. There is adirect correlation between environmental conditions and our physiologicalfunctions. Change in climate affects our behavioural pattern in spite of ourmarvelous adaptability. Extreme climates and sudden change of environment havea direct influence on our lifestyle and work culture. It isimperative that we soon strike a balance between our environment and industrialdevelopment. Environment can no more be sacrificed for economic growth anddevelopment. “Sustainable Development” is only way to progress which means“development that needs of the present without compromising the ability of thefuture generations to meet their own needs.”Preservation and protection ofenvironment means the protection of the earth, its atmosphere, and its variousvital resources. These are the essential ingredients of our life and existence,and should be kept alive, pure, vibrant and rich. There is paramount need tocreate a consciousness about the environment. ‘Advocates play a major role in forming anidle society. ’Advocates have been instrumental in spearheadingmovements in the society for a positive change. Lawyers are the people who aremost conversant with the problems of society as a whole. A lot studies havebeen conducted on the subject of environment But researchers have ignored tostudy this important aspect in legal experts of the Country. Therefore we haveconducted this study entitled “Environment Pollution Awareness among BarMembers: A Case Study of Jalandhar Bar”.

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