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Judicial Accountability and Indian Judiciary: Transgressing Borders and Limits | Editorial

Yogendra Singh Dr. B. S. Misra in Global Journal of Socio-Legal Studies | Education of Life & Science
Abstract: Judiciary is most important organs as it isentrusted with the great responsibility of administering justice in thesociety. Independence and accountability of judiciary is a recognized principleadopted by most of the democratic countries and it promotes institutionalresponsibility by rendering the judiciary responsive to the needs of thepublic. Accountability primarily entails instilling a sense of transparency,subjecting the judicial regime to a strict public scrutiny so as to prevent anyjudicial delinquency from infiltrating and the challenge is to eradicatejudicial corruption without intruding on the independence of judiciary. Our Constitutioncontains checks and balances, which require all the three wings to workharmoniously and accountability in the appointment and removal of judges shouldbe maintained.

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